Our Story

Hi, we are a brand dedicated to "restoring natural touch and allowing the skin to breathe freely". In daily life, ordinary clothes are stuffy and humid after the body sweats, which creates a burden on the skin. Therefore, we wanted to find a fabric that allows the skin to breathe freely. After continuous selection and trial, we finally chose silk material. We hope to bring a new comfortable experience to everyone's skin, but the price of real silk is very expensive, fortunately, we have our own cooperative factories and designers, and we compare and select raw materials, with these, we promise to always serve our customers Provides high quality, affordable silk garments. No matter whether the temperature fluctuates sharply or the humidity changes, it can let your skin breathe freely and wear it without burden.

What can silk bring us?
1. Ventilate, cool, and moisturize the skin
Silk can also absorb moisture, absorb sweat, take away the heat, and avoid the growth of bacteria. The silk that absorbs sweat can release moisture and perspiration.
2. UV protection
Silk can absorb ultraviolet rays and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
3. Promote sleep
Silk is a natural porous protein fiber component, which has a good regulating effect on the blood circulation of the human body, can make the human nerves in a relatively stable state, and thus promote sleep quality.
4. Antibacterial allergy
Silk has excellent anti-mold and anti-bacterial natural properties, and has the ability to prevent the growth of mites and molds, giving better care to the skin.
5. Safety and environmental protection
Because mulberry silk is not polluted in the production process from planting mulberry and sericulture to weaving, it is also a green product respected by the world.

Our Quality and Service
In umissu, you can get the most comfortable skin experience. The warmth and softness of silk make your heart soft. Wearing it comfortably for a day will make your body and mind light.
At umissu, we take every customer seriously, and we care about every customer's suggestions and feedback. Maybe we can't do 100% good, but at least we are serving with our hearts.

Our Commitment
Umissu serves every exquisite customer and is committed to creating comfortable and cost-effective silk products. We hope that every inch of skin can be close to nature and breathe freely.
High-grade materials create excellent products, and excellent products create a tasteful life.