Silk occupies an important position in the home furnishing industry. Its soft and luxurious fabric and pearl-like luster are favored by women. The smooth and smooth fabric is especially suitable for making pajamas.

Features of silk pajamas

  1. Soft and smooth texture, delicate touch, comfortable to wear;
  2. Excellent moisture absorption, moisture release,sound absorption and dust absorption;
  3. Anti-ultraviolet radiation enhances the vitality of human epidermal skin cells, and promotes metabolism;
  4. Strong heat resistance and high flame retardancy;

Choice of silk pajamas

You should choose silk pajamas in summer, because you will often sweat in hot summer, and the breathability and moisture absorption of cotton pajamas are not as good as silk pajamas. The biggest feature of silk pajamas is that when your skin is dry, it can absorb moisture in the air to moisturize, and when you sweat, it can help wick away moisture. Breathability is very strong, making people feel cool.

19 momme pajamas have the best sense of verticality and elegance, and the texture is not easy to unravel, which can well show the unique charm of silk. 19 momme is the best choice for summer, and it also represents top quality. In spring and summer, the thickness of silk pajamas should be 19 mm or less, and in autumn and winter, you should choose pajamas with a thickness of about 30 mm, which will have good warmth retention and aesthetics.


Classification of silk pajamas

In terms of styles, silk pajamas can generally be divided into four types: two-piece pajamas, strappy pajamas, split pajamas,and one-piece pajamas.

  1. Two-piece silk pajamas  
Two-piece silk pajamas

 Two-piece silk pajamas, which can be worn alone with suspenders inside or with robes outside, are elegant and quiet. The underwear made of real silk not only has a good wearing effect but also has a unique effect of toning the skin and preventing and curing diseases.


  1. Sling-style silk nightdress  

Sling-style silk nightdress

 Suspender nightdresses are mostly used in summer. Due to the dry and sweaty weather in hot summer, and considering the beauty, suspender nightdresses have appeared.

  1. Split silk pajamas  

Split silk pajamas

The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move. Its style is mainly reflected in the change of the upper collar shape. The jacket with a small suit collar is the most common collar type. The loose design fully reflects the practical value. The lower body is short or long loose trousers.


  1. One-piece pajamas

One-piece pajamas

 In the family of pajamas, this one-piece nightgown appeared earlier. It not only divides people's clothing from work to home, but also implies people's taste and pursuit of life. The style of the nightgown has not changed much, and a belt hugs the nightgown with the skin.

Silk has an incomparable touch, excellent comfort, breathability and moisture retention. This kind of fabric is as light as air and as soft as water. Wearing close-fitting pajamas made of it feels like a kind of enjoyment for the whole body.

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